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Highest Good

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  1. Thinking and creating for The Highest Good of All is true stewardship and foundational to our vision and values and our idea of best practice sustainability. Everything One Community does is approached with this stewardship mindset and moving forward with what we feel is in the best interest of each other, all people, and the planet.
  2. Oct 26,  · “God, and God alone, is man’s highest good.” —Herman Bavinck. Nearly every Christian has uttered, “God is good.” When we experience a job promotion at work, witness the physical healing in the life of a loved one, the marriage of a godly couple, or receive new possessions, we appropriately praise God for his goodness.
  3. Highest Good synonyms. Top synonyms for highest good (other words for highest good) are greatest good, greater good and supreme value.
  4. Highest good Summum bonum is a Latin expression meaning "the highest good", which was introduced by Cicero, [ 1 ] to correspond to the Idea of the Good in Greek philosophy. The summum bonum is generally thought of as being an end in itself, and at the same time as containing all other goods.
  5. Highest Good synonyms, Highest Good pronunciation, Highest Good translation, English dictionary definition of Highest Good. n. The greatest or supreme good. n the principle of goodness in which all moral values are included or from which they are derived; highest or supreme good.
  6. In Latin, it means “the highest good.” And what is the highest good? What is it that we are supposed to be aiming for in this life? To the Stoics, the answer is virtue.
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  8. Mar 01,  · The Good, the Highest Good, and the Common Good The following thirty-seven theses give a basic overview of the Aristotelian-Thomist account of the good, as interpreted by Laval School Thomists such as Charles De Koninck, Duane Berquist, and .

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